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Dr. Scott Santoro
Martin Nahigian
Dr. Gonzales

Dr. Scott Santoro:

Impressive provides me with a perfect restoration more consistently than any other lab I have worked with, no matter the material I choose. I would recommend them to any of my colleagues, local or not.

Martin Nahigian:

Impressive Dental Lab, really shines, they do fantastic quality work, with color matching that is unsurpassed.

Dr. Gonzales:

Harry, the manager has saved my skin on many occasions when emergencies arise.
Full Contour Zirconia
Impressive Dental Labs' full-contour zirconia restorations combine the finest grade monolithic zirconia with the esthetic sensibilities of our lab. With high flexural strength that makes it ideal for single-unit restorations and bridges alike, it’s an esthetic alternative to conventional PFM restorations. Glazed for a perfect finish, Impressive's Full Contour Zirconia is durable, while still forgiving on natural enamel, making it a perfect indication for patients with a history of bruxism.
IPS e.max®
A lithium disilicate glass, IPS e.max® provides the most natural-looking esthetics available. Because of its high translucency and lifelike warmth it’s an ideal solution for anterior restorations. It can be matched with the substructure material that best suits your patients’ needs. Elegant Dental Labs fabricates e.max restorations using CAD/CAM milling as well pressed ceramic, allowing it the versatility to meet any indication or cosmetic need.
Genuine Abutments
The staff at Elegant Dental Laboratories has more than 30 years of combined experience working with implants. We design your case from abutment to finished porcelain, thus enhancing the position and angulation of the custom abutment for the most naturally-esthetic result. We are certified with every major implant system on the market, including:
  • Straumann®
  • Atlantis™ Custom Abutments
  • Zimmer™


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