Zirconia Abutments

Perfectly suited to all MIS implant systems, our new Zirconia abutments are biocompatible, and combine the esthetic benefits of Zirconia, with the accuracy, strength and long-term stability of a Titanium-to-Titanium connection between the implant and the abutment. MIS Zirconia abutments are constructed for incisors using 15 degree angled abutments for the anterior esthetic zone and oval shaped abutments for the pre-molar zone. Titanium bases anodized to a golden shade reduces the greyish tint of the under structure.

Strength and Esthetics

The zirconium abutment becomes a particularly esthetic choice when there is a gum line location to consider. When a zirconium abutment is used, the problem of matching the shade of adjacent teeth while hiding the dark color of the metal abutment is avoided.


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