Refer us

Your appreciation is worth a lot to us. In fact, it's worth at least $500!

Because we are so confident that you will have good things to say about working with us, we have created a referral program. Send new doctors our way and when they spend $2,000 and pay their statements in full, you will get a $500 credit with our lab or a pre-paid gift card. And, as an extra added bonus, the new doctor you sent to us gets 50% off their first case (up to a 3-unit bridge). It is our way of rewarding you and thanking your fellow doctors at the same time.

There are no limits to the amount of referrals that can be made, but in order to receive the $500 reward, each new doctor must spend the minimum of $2,000. Referred doctors must not have existing accounts with Elegant Dental Laboratories. Send us your referrals now!


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